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Ancient Beginnings

The Tantric Masters in China and India wrote about the two acupressure points that we refer to as the “male G-spots” thousands of years ago. They advocated that acupressure massage be applied to these two points by the sexual partner because of the difficulty to do this by yourself during sex or even during masturbation. This action will significantly intensify the experience. History scholars know that 1-2,000 years ago, the Chinese emperor could have as many as 800 wives. There was significant competition among the wives to become pregnant by the emperor because bearing his heir could assure high rank in the court and most favorable treatment. So, the smartest ones would consult the Tantric Masters to learn and be coached about advanced sexual techniques, most of these techniques are not known to westerners. Some of the tips given were for the woman to massage or simply touch the “special points” (perineum and prostate) to give the Emperor super-pleasure. Isn’t it amazing that these advanced techniques have been around for so long, yet most people in modern western society are oblivious?

Prostate Massage

The following is quoted from the Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area.

"Therapeutic prostate massage (prostatic massage, prostate milking) has been performed for thousands of years in many world cultures, particularly in the Orient.

Originally, the purpose of the prostate massage was to turn the man into an excellent lover. Every shah, king and sultan with a harem usually had a monk or a private doctor to perform the prostate massage to keep him in the perfect sexual condition.

In recent years, many medical journals have published articles which advocate the prostate massage as a treatment for chronic prostatitis, prostate disorders, infertility, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) and sexual problems.

What is the science behind the prostate massage and why is it so very effective for men’s health?

Let’s look at the anatomy. This prostate gland is surrounded by numerous nerves and vessels. The gland is connected to the autonomic nervous system through many inner organs and to the brain through blood hormones released by the testes and the pituitary gland. The Prostate gland is frequently referred to as "the second heart of man."

When the prostate gland is in a good shape, it sends a healthy message to the pituitary. In its turn the pituitary gland sends messages to other glands such as adrenal, testicles, thyroid etc. to help men to reproduce. As a result, men have plenty of sexual energy, stamina, and metal clarity. The testicles manufacture plenty of testosterone and good quality sperm.

Infection, inflammation, and prostate congestion block the passages and collect prostatic fluids inside these small sacks. These fluids are an easy target for many microbes, viruses and yeasts that cause inflammation-prostatitis. Collected toxic fluids enlarge the prostate; irritate the nervous branches to cause pain and tightness. When the prostate is filled with congested fluids, the message that is sent to the pituitary is to prevent the reproductive process. As the result, the libido and the testosterone levels go down; men become weak, start aging faster and gain weight.

Therapeutic prostate massage milks out the congested fluid (in the same way that a sponge is emptied when it is squeezed), opens passages, shrinks and cleanses the prostate gland. Decreasing the amounts of congested, inflamed and toxic fluids is the main factor in prevention and treatment of prostatitis, BPH, or even cancer. Even the chronic and persistent prostatitis can be improved with the therapeutic prostate massage.

In addition, prostatic massage eliminates adhesions and stimulates blood flow to improve microcirculation. In turn, the prostate receives more blood, oxygen, vital nutrients, and white blood cells to fight with infections.

There is a good reason why the Prostate gland is called "The seat of masculinity" or "Heart of the sexual organs" for. Healthy prostate is related to high levels of testosterone (high libido, better erection). To get strong orgasms, the prostate needs to have open passages, clear liquid prostatic fluid and good, forceful prostatic muscles contraction. Unhealthy prostate results in weak orgasms. Essential action of the prostate massage is to improve the sex lives and to increase libido.

Regular therapeutic prostate massage shrinks the enlarged prostate and decreases the pressure on the urethra thus restoring proper urinal bladder function and urine flow-rate control. In traditional Japanese families, wives often perform prostate massage to promote their partners' health. In general, Asian men tend to have lower rates of prostate enlargement and cancer than their American counterparts."

ANEROS is Born

Prostate massage has long been known in Asian countries as a way to promote sexual health and general well-being. As recently as a few decades ago, prostate massage was still a fairly common way Western doctors would attempt to reduce the symptoms of prostate conditions. A man would visit his urologist every few weeks for a session to relieve congestion in the urogenital region. However in recent years doctors who administer prostate massages are becoming fewer and farther between. Medication can be an effective way of helping men, and prostate sessions can be uncomfortable for the man and doctor. This holistic approach has been largely replaced by antibiotics and surgery, yet in Asia prostate massage is very common, and it is no coincidence that Asian men have the least incidents of prostate problems. Taking age-old Eastern ideas and means for promoting health and applying modern scientific research, technology and thought has created an entirely new line of natural tools.

In response to a growing demand for new treatments for chronic prostate problems, Japanese urologist, Dr. Jiro Takashima, invented and patented the Pro-State Massagers™ which are subsequently sold and marketed through the HIGH ISLAND HEALTH LLC company. High Island Health was formed in 1997, with the belief that total health is achieved through a combination of conventional, Oriental, and alternative medicines.

The basic principle that drives the development of their products is increasing blood circulation. Good blood circulation throughout the body is a key determinant of how healthy a person is. These devices are designed specifically for prostate massage. Each massager is a hands-free mechanism which allows you to easily and effectively massage the prostate. At the same time, the arm of the massager presses against a therapeutic pressure point on the perineum. This point, which is derived from Asian medicine, is beneficial for good prostate health. The massager combines these two processes into one sophisticated method.

Early on in the use of these massagers, men began reporting extraordinary sexual effects and benefits from usage. It was subsequently found that a new level of orgasmic pleasure could be derived from use of these massagers. This subsequently lead to the off-shoot company titled ANEROS which has focused on this pleasure giving aspect of these massagers.

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