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Electrical stimulation (e-stim or electro-stim) devices fall into several distinct groups:

  1. The traditional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) units used for pain management, which overload the neural pathway thereby blocking the sensation of pain.
  2. The higher intensity exerciser stimulators that cause contraction of skeletal muscles. Originally developed for the Russian cosmonauts for the confines of space, these devices found their way into the confines of late night TV infomercials.
  3. The BDSM type of stimulation devices which are really repackaged versions of the more traditional TENS units.
  4. More recently, e-stim units specifically designed for erotic stimulation purposes are being marketed which offer a variety of stimulation modes.
  • One reportedly effective such e-stim device is the Slightest Touch™.
    • The Slightest Touch operates differently than TENS units in that it generates a more natural, phasic stimulation, gently complementing nerve signals through neural pathways and effecting bodily processes as a result (arousal). The device was originally designed to aid women who had difficulty achieving orgasm through conventional techniques.
    • The device was designed to stimulate the hypogastric, pudendal, and pelvic nerves in women via the body’s energy pathways known as meridians. This has the result of taking women to and maintaining them at the pre-orgasmic plateau. From this level, orgasm is possible with little effort and thereafter one is returned back to the pre-orgasmic plateau. As arousal is maintained, multiple orgasms are made possible.
    • The Slightest Touch is dual pole module with leads (wires) that connect to electrode pads delivering electrical stimulation transcutaneously. The device is simple to operate with an ON/OFF dial, doubling as the intensity control. It is powered by one 9-volt transistor battery. As one would assume, the manufacturer’s instructions are written for women (they provide a simple “Quick Start guide” that uses photos to guide you through the process); The idea behind this product is not that you’re zapped into an orgasm, rather it works very subtly to arouse you to a point where actual physical stimulation is magnified in intensity, such that one can experience orgasm of a greater magnitude.
    • The Slightest Touch device may be used to enhance a traditional orgasm as well, in sub-threshold and threshold modes in conjunction with more hands on activities. In the sub-threshold mode the device seems to elevate the intensity of the orgasm (ejaculation) just use traditional stimulation techniques. To go threshold, you may want to consider changing the placement of the pads to the base of the penis or perineum, and simply dial up the electrical intensity. With this method the device generates a tickling, tingling pulsing sensation.
    • The Slightest Touch can benefit newbies and advanced Aneros owners alike. For the newbie, it is just possible this device may provide the little extra push they’ve been looking for to get them over the top into the Super-O. For advanced users it’s another weapon for their erotic arsenal. You must specifically request the instructions for male use at the time of purchase.
  • Two other manufacturers of popular e-stim devices are Erostek™ and P.E.S.
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