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Proper abutment tab placement; vertical and horizontal orientation along the perineum coupled with the necessary pressure, is an essential element for facilitating the neural feedback loop that generates the Super-O. The abutment tab needs to be located on this pressure point, dubbed the "sweet spot".

  • Before You Begin Making Modifications
    • Be absolutely certain where your "sweet spot" is located.
    • Be fairly certain that the abutment tab is not hitting it.
    • Have a good plan prior to making any modifications, as to what you need to change and how to execute it. Furthermore, before you change anything take some notes on how the Aneros is configured from the factory, Make some measurements; distance between the underside of the tab from the ribbed part of the body. How many ribs does the tab overhang (counting from the base) etc. This way if you get into trouble you'll have some reference points to come back to. Just remember that the Aneros has been "engineered" to perform in a certain way according to the relative proximities of your anatomy. Also be aware that underlying any modification is the risk that you may alter the functioning of the unit for the worse, so all factors must be carefully considered prior to attempting this. In particular examine and make note of the overhang of the tip of the tab in relationship to the body of the unit. Why? Because, you may need to return it to its original position if your adjustment does not work. It is important to start by making small modifications , remember small adjustments of a fraction of an inch may have larger significance in the performance of the massager. In general, it is advisable to think of all adjustments as occurring evenly over the length of the abutment tab and arm.
    • Remember, the abutment tab and arm is not there just for grins, when properly engaged it functions as the fulcrum of a lever arm transferring force from ones anal and rectal contractions and anchoring the unit to a certain extent as well. This transfer of force is what accounts for the Aneros' unique ability to generate sensation in several locations simultaneously. It is critical that you not adjust the unit in such a way that its function is compromised.
  • The best tool for this job is a heat gun. Heat guns look just like common hair dryers, but they are designed to provide a much more intense and focused source of heat.
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