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Arousal & Erections

  • The term arousal or aroused as used in the Forums and the WIKI does not refer to your erectile state, but to your mental state of being. This is an important distinction to be understood. Just as orgasms are separate events from ejaculations, being aroused doesn't mean having an erect penis.
  • Some men experience firm erections during Aneros use other men remain completely flaccid through their prostate massage sessions, while still others cycle through firm to flaccid erectile states. Your erectile state has no impact on your ability to generate sensations and enjoy your prostate massager. Some men have reported finding erections a distraction to focusing on the inner sensations which lead to the Super-O.

Instant Super-O

  • The dictionary’s #1 definition for the prefix word “super” is simply : “over, above, on top of”. It does not imply any particular degree of “over, above, on top of”. In the definition of the Super-O there is a key qualifier in the very first sentence "...may involve:" further on it states "Super-O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued." In other words Super-O's come in all flavors and colors. The important differences between a traditional orgasm with ejaculation and Super-O's are their non-ejaculatory quality and they last longer than the traditional. A traditional orgasm with ejaculation lasts a precious few seconds, a Super-O experience could last for minutes to an hour or more. A Super-O may or may not be more intensely pleasurable than a traditional orgasm but it is usually much longer lasting and there is no refractory period to deal with.
  • Based upon reading the glowing testimonials and hyperbolic descriptions of users experiences with these devices a new user or someone who has not yet tried the Aneros may easily develop very high expectations for immediate, fantastic success with these prostate massagers. Many new users of the Aneros massager believe they should have a Super-O within the first few times they use it, just by sticking it in their rectum. The truth is that few users have such immediate success. A man needs to understand that a Super-O is a qualitatively different type of orgasmic experience compared to the traditional penile orgasm with ejaculation. It most often takes time, sometimes many months, even years, to learn the keys to un-locking a man's Super-O capability.
  • There is another equally frustrating aspect to reading about the Super-O, that is, if you have not had one, you may build your imagination into expecting some kind of grand, mythic orgasmic experience that is unrealistic and impossible to attain. Not all users will, nor should they expect to, experience the kinds of sensations described in other men's testimonials. It would be a mistake to dismiss an actual Super-O experience in lieu of the imaginary one you think you should have.
  • Experienced users who have developed the ability to have regular Super-O's, acknowledge that even they do not always have a Super-O session.

Anal play

  • "Doesn’t prostate massage hurt? I’ve heard that it’s painful." - Gentle massage of the prostate, such as the type that the Aneros provides, should not be uncomfortable in any way. On the contrary, it is actually healthy and extremely pleasurable. Sometimes when prostate massage is performed digitally, the pressure can be too great because the doctor will often squeeze the prostate in an attempt to provoke drainage.
  • Prostate milking - The Aneros is not designed to be used manually as a "milking" device in the manner of BDSM play. Use in such a way could prove injurious to the user as the manipulator has no way of gauging how much force he or she may be exerting on the prostate and surrounding tissues. An experienced user may be able to perform a self milking action through use of his own anal sphincter muscles, but manual manipulation should be avoided.
  • Anal sex has been practiced between human beings since? Well, probably forever. In most cultures the term "anal sex" is meant to imply penetration of one's anus by the penis of another, this can be a male-male or male-female coupling, so in that respect use of your Aneros massager is not engaging in anal sex. In fact, use of your massager strictly for its medical and health benefits, probably doesn't constitute any kind of sexual activity.
  • Anal play is an erotic, exciting, fun and highly enjoyable sexual experience for those who are able to dismiss cultural taboos associated with this variant form of sexual pleasuring. Eastern cultures have long embraced the healthful benefits of sex and for males the important role of the prostate in a healthy sex life. Cultural prohibitions associated with prostate massage in particular are minimal.


  • "Handcreme works great on my dick, I'll just use that for my lube..." This is a bad idea, do not use any lubrication that has "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY" printed on its label. Introducing any chemical compounds into your rectum has inherent risks of toxicity. Please remember your rectum’s lining is a very permeable membrane allowing chemicals to pass directly into your bloodstream, which is why medical suppositories are so effective. You certainly do not want to inadvertently poison yourself, be safe and only use personal lubricants specifically permitted for internal use. Most veteran users recommend use of water based lubrication, with the simplest chemical formulation possible.


Human beings are creatures with enormous curiosity, especially things of a sexual nature, both male and female. Interest in knowledge of all things sexually related is perfectly natural and external devices do not dictate those thought processes.

  • Use of the Aneros prostate massager will have no effect on your sexual gender identification. If you are heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual in orientation that is who you are! The Aneros will not change your orientation.
  • Your sexual orientation will have no effect on your ability to experience the intense pleasure states the Aneros can induce. Your Aneros massager is an equal opportunity device, it doesn't matter what your race, creed, religion or sexual orientation is, every man gets the same access to the Super-O, regardless of his sexual preferences.
  • You are encouraged to view this short video "If I Enjoy Anal Play, Am I Gay?" by well known author/sex counselor Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross discussing anal play for men.


  • "It's filthy dirty down there...", actually your mouth harbors many more types of bacteria than are found in the flora of the rectum or fecal matter. Kissing your partner's mouth exposes you to many more pathogens than a kiss to your partners ass. The primary concern for aneros users is avoiding contamination by e.coli bacteria. This is simply accomplished by washing your hands, the anal area and your massager with an anti-bacterial soap before and after each use.
  • The Aneros massager is made of a medical grade, FDA approved plastic material and will not promote bacterial growth, it nonetheless can be a transport mechanism for bacteria. While sharing sexual experiences with a caring partner can be emotionally and physically rewarding, keeping yourself safe from diseases is always important. Your massager is a personal device, keep it that way. Do not share your device with others, this will prevent any possibility of aquiring someones else's diseases and always clean your massager before and after every use.