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Benefits for Her

  • Ladies, if you just really aren't in the mood for a 'romp in the sack', but your man is 'hot to trot' - coyly smile as you hand him his massager and offer to insert it for him and then leave him alone while he floats off to a temporary heaven and you can finish reading that new novel. It just might lend a whole new meaning to the word "pacifier".
  • Using an Aneros massager is a great way for a man and woman to share, explore and expand their sexual horizons together as a couple. The primary benefit for couples is flat-out better, more satisfying sex. Due to its hands-free mechanism, a man can use the Aneros in a wide variety of positions during traditional intercourse and oral sex for more intense, stronger penile orgasms. During sex, as the man thrusts, he contracts his pc sphincter muscle at the same time. This causes the Aneros to move on its own, stimulating his prostate. This stimulation increases blood flow to the urogenital area of the body. As a result a man will have a harder erection, be able to last longer, and when he ejaculates, he will empty much more fully, with a substantially stronger, longer orgasm. As terrific as this is for the man, his partner will enjoy the benefit of an increased performance. With the Aneros, it's possible for a man to experience a temporary "Viagra-like" boost in his sex drive, naturally and with none of the side effects. You may wish to check out the membership polls - "Aneros during intercourse" and "Sex after Aneros - Has it changed?" - to read about what some other couples are finding.
  • From an intimacy perspective, the Aneros and prostate play brings an added dimension to the bedroom. For the adventurous couple looking for new ways to enjoy each other's bodies, anal and prostate play using the Aneros is an exciting way to do so. It's a great way to increase the intimacy between a man and woman.
  • There is a great deal about the Aneros experience that can be shared by a man with a woman. It is true that perfecting a technique for achieving this Super-O requires a man to initially spend some time by himself. The reason for this is that it takes a certain amount of time, experimentation, and discipline to get in touch with the new sensations that will lead you to this place. However, after a short period of time, the participation of a partner can be tremendously arousing. The physical and emotional experience of sharing sexual sensations is what intimacy is all about and the Aneros stimulator has enabled couples to discover many new sensations to share. Visual, auditory and olfactory stimulation (sight, sound and smell) with your partner are all excellent sources of arousal.
  • For the ladies: arousal is an essential element for generating the Super-O. A willing partner can be used for other forms of stimulation that further intensify arousal. Methods such as nipple licking, tugging or biting, ear lobe licking, caressing the upper body, etc. The general criteria are that whatever it is, it must not involve direct or indirect stimulation of his genitalia and it must not be distracting in any way. These of course are subjective elements, so add to taste. Also remember that these sessions must be focused on him, so you must remove the expectation completely that he must reciprocate for you during the time that is devoted to exploring the Super-O.

Complimentary Information

  • Now Ladies, if you ever wanted to know some of the feelings that your partner was experiencing during lovemaking, you can now experience the exact same sensations as you male partner when you each use your Peridise anal massagers. This may open a whole new channel of mutual emotional bonding and communication through simultaneous usage.
  • Aneros has also developed two models, the EVI and the ViVi are all silicone, Kegel exercisers designed exclusively for women. The ViVi also has built-in vibrating elements. These Kegel exercisers are sure to improve your muscle health and general sexuality.
  • Ladies, Please be sure to check out the latest information on the Aneros Femme Website.
  • Aneros has now created a sub-forum titled Couples Corner with an emphasis on discussions about interactive relationship usage.