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Techniques and tricks

There are innumerable ways to use the Aneros. Described here are techniques that have been reported by men on the Aneros forum. Many of them work both with and without the Aneros. Some work only with, and some work only without.

The techniques here are considered "advanced" for some of these reasons:

  • works best for men who are already able to have dry orgasms.
  • entails "really getting into it"
  • entails a dedicated learning effort
  • entails outlay of more money
  • involves other people

Unless specifically recommended, all of these techniques expect you to avoid penis stimulation.

Note: none of these techniques is a magic Super-O button. We'll let you know when one is found! Meanwhile, if you haven't crossed over to your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, be patient, enjoy what you are experiencing, experiment with some of these techniques, and... use your imagination.

Arousal amplification

Arousal amplification is not a specific technique, but is a basic idea common to many multiple orgasm approaches, both with or without the Aneros. Arousal amplification starts by noticing a faint feeling of pleasure induced by a moment of subtle (non-penis) stimulation. The pleasure has an onset, peak and decay. The next moment of stimulation is timed to pick up on the pleasure of the previous stimulation, and intensify and lengthen its peak. This pattern leads to increasing arousal and, as you get better at it, to orgasms and super-Os. The amazing thing about arousal amplification is that the arousal grows "from the inside" of your body, so has a sublime feeling not often felt in regular sex.


KSMO is an initialism for "The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol"™, developed and disseminated by Jack Johnston. Many Aneros users have found his program a boost to their ability to reach the Super-O. It may help accelerate you to your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, and to deepen your pleasure after you have crossed-over.

The process teaches arousal amplification through a specific type of vocalization, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and mental focus. KSMO and the Aneros complement each other very well as KSMO provides much of the mental control while the Aneros provides enhanced physical stimulation.

KSMO is the grand-daddy of arousal amplification techniques. Like the Aneros, it was invented in the late 1990s and was a "great leap forward" for contemporary multiple male orgasms (MMO). Visit Jack Johnston's website, for more information.

Extended male deer exercise

The Male Deer Exercise is a tantric exercise reputed to increase sexual energy.

The extended male deer exercise was invented by an Aneros forum member (GrandTiger). It is "extended" in three respects.

  1. physically: it uses the whole torso rather than just the lower abdomen
  2. temporally: it goes on potentially hours rather than just a few minutes
  3. consequentially: it amplifies arousal potentially to the point of ongoing super-O bliss, rather than just giving energy

The exercise is:

  • Protect the bed with something oil resistant (eg, the Liberator Throe, see Related Products). (optional)
  • Lay flat on your back, with or without your Aneros (use a pillow under your butt as needed).
  • Apply massage oil from the pubic area upwards to the neck.
  • Listen to some meditative music. (e.g. Dr. Jeffery Thompson's Gamma Meditation Solution or other suitable music) (optional)
  • With one hand
    • place fingers over testicles, gently pushing them down between your legs
    • place thumb firmly on base of penis on the top side, gently pressing into your pubic bone
  • With the other hand, do a slow circular rubbing motion. Start in your pubic area and move up towards your navel a little bit each cycle. Continue beyond your navel up your torso, through your sternum and chest to your neck, and then slowly go back down again.
  • After returning to your pubic area, switch hands and begin again.

The effect of the exercise is to have you relax, dissolve away concerns that aren't about pleasure, and to pull amplified pleasure up from your pelvis into your torso. It is unbelievable how you can direct pleasure around your body using this technique, and how effective it is at creating it.

Aneros-less MMO

Many users of the Aneros find that once they can have non-ejaculatory orgasms with the Aneros they can also have them without it. (See KSMO to learn MMO independent of the Aneros.) The technique described here can nudge you into having orgasms without the Aneros if you haven't experienced that already. You can also use it with the Aneros to help push you over the edge.

Begin with a low level anal contraction, just above the level of relaxation. Use this as a base level and always come back to it even if you try a stronger contraction. Use hands only on nipples or other hot spots, while viewing some erotic videos. Breath in air while expanding into the lower diaphragm (the area from your navel and below). Try to think in terms of breathing into this area. While drawing in air, do so in a way that vibrates the diaphragm (almost like one would do if one were sobbing), and hold the air for 10-15 seconds while gently “bearing down” abdominally and to a lesser extent, rectally at the same time. Never hold your breath for very long, just several seconds at a time, remember, anoxia is not the goal here. The “bearing down” is accomplished by the contraction of your abdominal muscles while yielding a gentle pushing down motion toward your rectum. You may upgrade your anal contraction to a low-moderate size for several seconds, (always returning to the “base level” afterward.) You may or may not exhale all of the air that you’ve taken. Try to keep your lower belly extended at all times once you have started.

At some time during this process you will usually notice a pleasant tickling similar to a kind of “butterflies in the stomach,” only lower in your abdomen, slightly duller and somewhat deeper. It is this “pleasure wave” that you are looking to perpetuate and magnify as much as possible. Once you are familiar with this sensation, you may realize that you have experienced it countless times before in your life, but simply ignored it (while stretching for example). On its own a single “pleasure wave” of this type doesn’t resemble anything overtly sexual. However, when it is focused upon and built up, one wave on the next, it becomes something very different and very powerful.

Try to focus your awareness on your prostate and channel these sensations deeper and deeper in its direction. Hereafter, it amounts to mixing it up and trying various combinations of this kind of breathing coupled with the “bearing down” and gentle anal contractions that ultimately build an orgasmic wave. A linkage of abdominal, anal/rectal and prostate sensory pathways takes place that makes the non-ejaculatory orgasm occur. You may even have the “anal involuntaries” with this experience.

Relaxation v. sexual frenzy

The Aneros is an arousal amplification device and there are two somewhat opposite ways you can power it: relaxation or sexual frenzy. Both work, in different ways for different men. You might also find a place somewhere in the middle. A number of techniques are based in relaxation, such as KSMO, Try not to orgasm, Do nothing, and Male deer exercise; and a number are based on sexual frenzy, such as Sexy mirror dance, Marijuana magic, Porno thrusting and Kegel aerobics


Try not to orgasm

This technique confronts a major obstacle to Aneros orgasm success, which is straining for an orgasm. With traditional stimulation, you can have some luck in forcing an orgasm to arrive. With MMO, this is the biggest roadblock. The orgasm must arrive naturally. Trying not to orgasm in the MMO context is similar to "edging" in standard masturbation, where you keep yourself on the cusp of orgasming. In MMO you notice and particularly enjoy the pleasure you are having, and try to stay right where you are with it. Doing so in fact often ratchets up the pleasure a notch. Try to stay there as well...

Do nothing

The "do nothing" technique is mostly for the Aneros only. The idea is to dispense with thinking about holding contractions, controlling your breathing, conscious relaxing, or anything else for that matter, in favor of just lying there and letting the pleasure and Aneros do their thing. This technique is probably best after you have at least started feeling pleasure from the Aneros. (See the milestones.)

Waiting for the Whisper

Waiting for the whisper is a variant of "do nothing." The whisper is the irresistible message coming from your groin that you are MMO horny. Waiting for the whisper means you don't schedule or decide to have a session. You wait till your body whispers to you that you need it. When it does, you let it have its way. At that point you can do nothing, or try any other technique, and your body will be very responsive.

Sexual frenzy

Sexual mirror dance

The goal is to rev yourself up into a sexual frenzy. Imagine you have an audience. Not just any audience, but the kind of audience that would really turn you on. Not just turn you on, but egg you on to do a sexual dance. Get in front of a mirror and show yourself what you would show them. All parts of your body are expected. A very good addition is body oil. You'll know when you want to introduce the Aneros.

Marijuana magic

If you find yourself in a place where marijuana is legal, many forum users have reported spectacular sexual frenzies and break through orgasms while combining pot and the Aneros.

Porno thrusting

With the Aneros in, get all hot by immersing yourself in porno, and thrust in time with the action. Avoid penis stimulation.

Kegel aerobics

Kegel aerobics is similar to Porno thrusting, but instead of thrusting your hips along with the action you do kegel contractions or other internal exercises. Probably best without the Aneros, as continuous hard contracting with the Aneros could possibly lead to soreness.

Skill building


(Adapted from CaveOfMystery's forum post Quick and Dirty path to the Super-O)

90% of the journey to the Super-O can be done without the Aneros. The key is preparation. Two muscles are involved in making the Aneros do its thing, your PC muscle (the one you use to stop urinating) and your anal sphincter (the muscle you use to hold in gas). Locate these muscles and learn how to manipulate them. Contract your anal sphincter, then your PC muscle, then back again. Alternate contracting, then two contractions of one, followed by two contractions of the other, etc. Then try contracting them both simultaneously. The final skill set to learn is to contract them in a rolling motion, where say a contraction of the anal sphincter rolls right into a contraction of the PC muscle. Think of it like a belly dancer undulating her stomach, or peddling a bike, it’s not two separate contractions; it’s one wave of motion. While mastering this exercise, you may feel a P-wave. If so, that’s a good sign.

Now that you know where all your key muscles are, and how to manipulate them, you’re ready to put the Aneros in. Be sure you are well lubed (consider trying the condom method). Insert and wait 10 minutes. Try a few light contractions as a “mobility check.”

Try lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the bed, placing a pillow under your lower back/butt to prop yourself up. Get yourself situated, and relax. But don’t “do nothing” instead play with the device a little. Do light contractions of your anal sphincter, your PC muscle, etc. Test mobility, play. At this point you should have no particular goal other than get your bearings down there. Do the exercises you did without it in, note the sensations.

When you’re ready for something more, contract both your anal sphincter and PC muscle and hold. You needn’t do a full contraction, just somewhere between 70-80%. Continue holding, hold for about 30 seconds. Then start to slowly release the contractions. As you back off, with any luck your Aneros will be caught in a “tug-of-war” between the two muscle sets. The key is an imbalance in the muscle forces. As you let up on the dual contraction, one or both muscles will still be trying to hold on. After have been gripping for awhile the muscle will be fatigued, and as you release the grip, but not fully releasing, it will start to flutter with exhaustion. Like a weightlifter on his last rep. These are the elusive involuntaries.

The first time you pull off this “unbalancing act” you’ll probably get some interesting sensations which may be short lived, because the first time it happens, and you feel it, you’ll naturally try and control it, and the ride stops. The trick is to back off your grip just enough to trigger the muscle imbalance, and then hold it there. That's all you need to control the hold, but it takes a little skill to manage that. After a few attempts you’ll get the hang of it, and the fun will truly start to begin. This is when you may start to shake, start breathing heavy, and otherwise notice new things. Your anal sphincter may also spasm at this point and pull the Aneros in, this is good. When the spasm subsides let up on it slowly and as the Aneros slides slowly down, it may trigger yet another one, this is the beginning of the Super-O.

If you can’t quite get the tension between your anal sphincter and PC muscle properly unbalanced, or you just haven’t practiced it enough, here’s a trick to speed that along. While contracting both your anal sphincter and PC muscle, push down on the bed with one of your feet. This too will create imbalance down there and should start the Aneros doing its magic dance.

When you’ve got the Aneros dancing down there and the sensations are starting to build to a fever pitch, while holding my contractions, straighten your legs flat on the bed in a V shape and stretch as one often does when they wake up in the morning. This realigns the PC muscle and anal sphincter muscles giving them a renewed boost of strength and with that, the Super-O has a good shot. Ride it out. But as your muscles release from all that action, and it slowly slides by the special spot, it may kick off another one, or some would see that is an extension of the initial one, either way it’s loads of fun. When you become more advanced you can actually add contractions during the Super-O prolonging it.

Once that occurs, you may be in the zone. After the Super-O subsides, bend knees again, feet flat on the bed, and begin the tug-of-war between anal sphincter and PC muscle again. The dance begins, sensations build, stretch, Super-O. Another trick to pull to kick in the Super-O, while your knees are still bent and the sensations are building: rub your feet back and forth across the bed as if you were trying to build up static electricity to shock someone. The net effect is more imbalance down there, more stimulation, and when you go to stretch a greater chance of hitting Super-O land.



For in depth information on e-stim check out the huge SmartStim forum for general information on e-stim. Note, you must register (it's free) and login to see the forum.

Electrical stimulation (E-stim or electro-stim) devices fall into these groups:

  1. Traditional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) units used for pain management. They relieve pain by overloading the neural pathway, blocking the sensation of pain.
  2. Higher intensity exerciser stimulators that cause contraction of skeletal muscles. Originally developed for the Russian cosmonauts for the confines of space, these devices found their way into the confines of late night TV infomercials.
  3. The BDSM devices which are really repackaged versions of traditional TENS units.
  4. E-stim units specifically engineered for erotic stimulation (these are relatively new).
  5. StereoStim units are modified stereo system amplifiers designed to play music files as the source wave form generator. (These are the most dangerous units to construct and use)
The Slightest Touch

One E-stim device popular on the Aneros forum was the Slightest Touch™. It was a hand held (battery powered) TENS unit designed to help women who have trouble reaching orgasm. Unlike standard TENS units it provided a natural wave form targeted to arousal. Unfortunately this device is no longer available. Women affix an electrode pad to each ankle (as described by the product's instructions).

Men affix the electrode pads in one of three positions:

  • back of knees, just above the bend.
  • small of back, just above the end of the buttocks.
  • back of knee and perineum

Unlike the Aneros, this is a toy your woman will definitely enjoy if she is open to the experience.

The key to successful use of the Slightest Touch for MMO is to use a very light intensity. More intensity is definitely not better. Experiment with intensities between these positions:

  • the lowest it will go
  • "sub-threshold" which means just below the level at which you can feel any tingling at all

In other words, dial it so you don't feel anything!

But, you will.... After a while of quiet relaxation you will likely notice a sense of excitement in your pelvic region. That is the signal that the ST is at work. Deploy all your other Aneros and MMO skills as usual. You will find that you have a subtle turbo charge on your pelvis. Men describe the feeling as "being tugged" towards more arousal. If you haven't yet had a dry orgasm, this could be the thing to cross you over. If you are experienced, expect more aggressive orgasming.

The ST may be used to enhance a traditional orgasm as well, in sub-threshold and threshold modes in conjunction with more hands on activities. In the sub-threshold mode the device seems to elevate the intensity of the orgasm (ejaculation) just use traditional stimulation techniques. To go threshold, you may want to consider changing the placement of the pads to the base of the penis or perineum, and simply dial up the electrical intensity. With this method the device generates a tickling, tingling pulsing sensation.

Other E-stim devices

Two other manufacturers of popular sexual E-stim devices which can perform the same functions and more are Erostek™ and P.E.S.


There are guys who swear by using a vibrator with the Aneros to get you over the top to orgasm once you are already near. Don't keep it on one spot for more than a couple of minutes as numbness will defeat the purpose. Vibrators of low intensity and with intermittent pulse/pause patterns can somewhat ameliorate this tendency toward numbness, The "Vice 2" and the "Helix Syn V" are two Aneros models with this technology.

Shower stimulation

The Shower-gasm - This technique assumes an adjustable showerhead with a 'massage' setting. It does not involve insertion per se, but it does include some deep pressure on the anus and perineum. Bent over in a standing position. Start by "cleaning" your anus. The motion of the hand involves pivoting around a center point, using two or three knuckles covered by a washcloth to do the job. Occasionally press downward on your anus toward your perineum as well. If this massage doesn't yield an orgasm, it generally increases one’s level of arousal substantially. Now adjust the shower head to the massage setting. While bent over, separate your butt cheeks to expose your anus to the oncoming jets. Course adjustment can be made by moving your body from one side to the other. In some positions the water may feel like it is penetrating you, sending sensations deeper into your body. Soon you may find yourself breathing deeply and rocking and arching your buttocks upward so that the jets can contact your perineum as well. In short order you may experience the sensation of simultaneous stimulation of the anus, perineum and penis. At this point focus on a prostate massage fantasy and begin some nipple stimulation, you may be triggered into experiencing a Super-O. While this is more of an advanced users technique as it is predicated on being orgasmically rewired to a large extent, it can be recommended to newbies as a means of building arousal. In the end it serves two purposes, as a high-powered bidet and foreplay for the Super-O. One note of caution, be careful that the water doesn't strike you in the scrotum as that can be quite painful.

Advanced Positions

Standing with pelvic cocked

Body ball


Cheek spread

Stretched penis


Try using an oil based lube so it won't be effected by the water. Also try placing a towel on the bottom of the tub to comfort you and avoid slipping.

Suspended in a body harness

This position is for the more adventurous of you out there.


This method involves combining two methods of stimulation. The first is the technique of spreading ones butt cheeks as a means of generating "involuntaries". For those unfamiliar with this, the concept is that spreading your cheeks while the Aneros is inserted further destabilizes the Aneros in a well lubricated anus such that it slides in and out very easily, causing your anus to fight to hold on to it. Between the voluntary contractions that you make in trying to hold on to the Aneros and the degree and amount of spreading that you do, you can give your anus a nice workout and by doing so tune-in some involuntary contractions fairly easily. This method is a way of getting your anus to transition to involuntaries.

The second involves using skeletal muscle tension, and focused breathing. More precisely it is the buildup of sexual energy through muscle tension and rhythmic breathing and its timed release to orgasm. The origin of such methods can be found in Tantric teachings and KSMO technique.

The position starts with you lying on you back (with the Aneros in place). Pillows may be used underneath your upper back to give some elevation. Arms are set tight to your sides and both hands go under your buttocks. Both hands grab a cheek and spread. Experiment with the degree and duration of the spread, but remember, you must use your anus to hold on to the Aneros, so don’t let go! Play with it for a while, and notice, that by simply opening and closing your cheeks and/or by varying your level of anal hold/contraction you are able to slide the Aneros in and out rhythmically. After this “warm-up” try holding the Aneros in with an anal contraction while executing a rectal contraction (the pushing out contraction). You’ll notice that these contractions work "antagonistically" (against each other) one pulling in, the other pushing out, so that the net effect is greatly heightened muscle tension with very little net movement of the Aneros. The idea here is to be continually ratcheting up muscle tension.

The next step is to elevate both of your legs just like you’re doing leg lifts, and while doing so elevate your torso as well, if you have pillow under your upper back you may not need to work as hard in this area. Use your hands and butt as your center of balance. At this point you should have your arms to your sides your hands grabbing your cheeks your torso lifted and your legs lifted at the same time, much like you are trying to form very widened out letter “ V “ with your body. Be aware you don’t have to lift very far in either direction, just enough that you are able to get and maintain a good abdominal contraction. If you are doing this correctly, it takes less abdominal energy than you might think, mainly because you are really balancing (teetering) on you butt.

While maintaining this position, spread your legs apart as far as you possibly can. Now, when you have all of this in place, start spreading your butt checks once again and work your anus to hold on to the Aneros. Try spreading your cheeks as hard as you can! In this position you’ll find that that your glutes are naturally engaged so you won’t be able to spread them very far. Nonetheless you will find that all of this activity further ratchets up the muscle tension, which you will release later. Once again, much as you did in the warm-up try alternating holding and releasing contractions combined with the cheek spreading, stopping occasionally to see if your anus starts any contracting on its own. To change it up you might try holding your breath, bearing down (rectal contraction) an anal contraction spreading your cheeks and legs wider at the same time. Now exhale, but start immediately with some rhythmic breathing or vibratory breathing as you inhale. As you inhale mentally focus on your anal rectal and abdominal sensations and visualize energy being drawn-up into the very center of your being. This should lead you into many "involuntaries" and hopefully into a Super-O.

Be forewarned as muscle fatigue sets in and you decide to let go, (legs down torso down), but maintain your anal contraction, the forces (anal/rectal/abdominal/legs) that were in balance will no longer be so, and the result may be a disproportionate force of anal contraction thrusting the Aneros, like a "slingshot", deep into your rectum.

Advanced users and newbies alike, don’t be scared off by the apparent amount of exertion required for this, again, it’s less than you think, and if properly timed, can yield dramatic results.


To shave or not to shave? Some do, some don't. It is optional. Here are reasons to consider it:

  • A shaven perineum is more sensitive.
  • It is easier to keep the perineum dry, which is essential for maintaining proper P-tab placement.
  • Shaving prevents discomfort caused from an errant hair being pulled by the abutment tab.
  • As an added bonus your partner may find the newly denuded area a fun new playground to experiment with.

In lieu of shaving you may also use depilatories suitable for "bikini waxing".

  • It takes longer for the hair to grow back in than with shaving, thus, you stay smooth longer.
  • When the hair starts to grow back in there is less irritation compared to razor "stubble".

Condom method

The intent of the condom method is to increase the mobility of the Aneros massager while it is in the rectum. There is some controversy about the effectiveness of this technique in actually achieving that goal. One advantage to this technique is that cleanup after use is very easy. Avoid use of pre-lubricated condoms containing topical anesthetics, you don't want to desensitize yourself down there!

The procedure is as follows:

  • Unroll the condom sufficiently to place approximately a teaspoonful of lubrication inside.
  • Continue to unroll the rest of the condom onto your Aneros massager.
  • If you have removed the handle off your massager extend the condom to the midpoint of the P-tab arm and tie off the condom around the arm using a wire tie, take care to make sure the wire ends won't poke you during use.
  • If you still have the handle attached to your massager (not a problem with the Helix or Eupho) sealing the condom from leakage may be difficult, you will need to secure the condom around the stem, but this may be distracting or irritating during use. The only other option is to leave the condom end open, wherby some of the lubricant make be forced out during usage.
  • Manually work the lubrication inside the condom all around.
  • Lubricate the rectum internally (optional).
  • Lubricate the exterior of the condom with your preferred lubricant and insert.

Erogenous hot spots

You might want to check out the membership poll “What is your preferred area of physical stimulation?" to see how other guys feel about their hot spots!

Nipple and breast stimulation

Many guys on the Aneros forum have reported complete surprise at how sensitive and orgasmic their nipples are. Reports often begin with "My nipples never gave me much..." and then continue to describe great heights of responsiveness from them, once given a try. It may take a little time to develop, but there are rich rewards in training your nipples. When you have really awakened your nipples you will start getting "nipple horny," which is the distinct and delicious longing in your nipples to be stimulated, like what you are used to feeling in your penis.

The best nipple stimulation is provided by the warm lips, energetic tongue and even teeth of a caring partner who is enthusiastically motivated to tease you till your tits are positively buzzing. It’s a shame that’s not always available to us in our sessions.

When it is just you, the key to nipple stimulation is a very light touch, just enough to create a stir in the nipple or groin. Feather your finger tip over your nipple, around the aureole or the surrounding breast tissue. Don't just focus on the tip of the nipple (it can be left out altogether). The whole area is very sensitive and you want to avoid tiring any particular spot. Try strokes across the nipple like compass points, from north to south, east to west, etc. Over a t-shirt lightens the touch. Try artist's brushes. They are very soft and delicious. Plus they blind your finger freeing you to find particularly sensitive spots without being "nipple-centric." Lube is another option.

The timing of the strokes is important. Wait a couple of seconds between strokes. You may find a delayed tingle of excitement in your pelvic area after a stroke. Try timing your next stroke to coincide with that. You can amplify this subtle feeling to incredible straining penis orgasms. As the intensity increases, you might increase your stroke frequency.

Other options include whole breast stimulation. Try the flat of the hand, or caging your breast with your fingertips. Breast orgasms can be incredible. Try stimulating the area of the breast while depriving the nipple of stimulation.

Also, experiment with acupressure. Depress your thumb into your pectoral muscle an inch and a half above your nipple (and slightly towards your other nipple). You may discover pelvic responses to this.

While you are in the neighborhood, some find that their sternum is another surprisingly responsive spot, the valley of pleasure.

External prostate stimulation

The prostate can be accessed externally from the perineum and from the pubic area.

To stimulate from the perineum, try this

  • using the flat of one hand, stretch your scrotum up towards your penis.
  • use the fingers of the other hand to press on and flick against the perineum. Move around to find the most sensitive spot.

To stimulate from the pubic region, try this

  • Find your pubic bone (in your pubic hair region). Using your thumb or fingers press in near the edge, digging a bit under. You might also press the thumb of the other hand against the base of your penis, top side. (See the Male Deer Exercise).
  • Lie on your stomach, penis pointing to your feet. Make a fist and insert it under your pubic area, just above your pubic bone. Slight thrusting should stimulate your prostate. Alternatively tightly roll up two washcloths or a face towel and lie on that.
  • This and related areas are explained very well at

Other erogenous hot spots

The entire region from your pubic area to your neck is highly erogenous. Your belly, sides and sternum might be hot spots. Also try your inner thighs. Another hot spot are diagonal areas where your legs meet your torso.

Deferring ejaculation

Some men on the Aneros forum swear by deferring ejaculation. They feel that it gives them both sexual energy and life energy.


This recently developed prostate exercise may also be useful.

External massage of the pevlic area has been reported to be effective and enjoyable for maintaining prostate health, some prostate massage exercises are described below:


This approach is predicated upon an individual already having been rewired and having had a Super-O just previous to this attempt. It is for this reason that it is classified as more of an advanced user's technique. This method involves an exquisitely intense, traditional penile ejaculation mediated by the Aneros, hence the name Super-T. Make the Aneros a more active participant in the orgasm as opposed to letting it passively massage your prostate as the involuntary contractions of the ejaculation hit you. Stroke your penis until you just start to feel the very beginnings of the orgasm building. At this point take your hands off, and start executing some moderate to large anal contractions, the idea being to have the Aneros by itself, propagate the ejaculation. Within 10-15 seconds you may find that the ejaculatory sensations will ebb somewhat so then switch back to the hands on approach to build it back up. What you will find is that it builds back up very quickly, and does so to a higher level than where you’d started (the Aneros had added something). Working back and forth, on again and off again, in short order you'll find that less and less of the stroking is necessary to keep everything going. Finally, just barely touching your penis, but using the Aneros to greater and greater effect such that the Aneros now mediates a tremendous penile orgasm. It is like a tango between your hand and the Aneros; each one taking turns enticing and coaxing an ejaculation from your penis. You can actually feel your prostate swelling inside of you. The effect of this is as if one was inhaling in deeper and deeper to accommodate an enormous sneeze. Finally when you feel climax is imminent, let the Aneros have the last word with several strong contractions. This should lead to a powerful and intense traditional orgasm, a Super-T.

Modifications to the Aneros

Head and Stem

The head and stem of the Aneros massager have been carefully designed to gently and effectively engage the prostate to generate the most sensations. If you decide to re-shape your massager in any way you should be aware that despite the apparent solidity of you Aneros, there are in fact slight bubbles and voids inside as a result of the manufacturing process. Changing the contours or profile of your device may expose these voids and perhaps weaken the structural integrity of your massager as well as provide minute niches for debris and bacteria to collect. These voids are almost impossible to clean in a sanitary and effective manner. For this reason you are advised to not try to re-shape this part of your Aneros massager. There has been discussion on the Forum regarding providing highly polished finishes to the surface of the massager. The primary purpose of polishing is to improve mobility of the Aneros in the rectum by having an extremely smooth surface to minimize friction as much as possible. This polishing is accomplished by sanding the surface with succeding applications of increasingly fine grit sandpaper, beginning with 1000 grit and working through to 4000 grit papers and a final cloth buffing.


Many Aneros owners have removed the handle-curly tail portion of their massagers because they believe that it improves mobility but primarily because it increases the number of body positions one may comfortably employ without inadvertently hitting the massager or otherwise disturbing the intended action.

P-tab arm

The P-tab arm has been modified by some owners to alter the relative location of the perineum abutment tab, so that it more precisely aligns with an individual's sweet spot, this is most effectively accomplished by use of a hot air gun to heat the plastic arm until the plastic becomes malleable, then bending it until the desired relationship is obtained and allowing it to cool down to re-establish rigidity. You should only employ this modification with great care as severe distortion of your massager is possible and restoring it back to its original configuration may be impossible. Extreme care should be used if you attempt to employ an open flame heat source, as the Aneros material is flammable and has a relatively low combustion point.

Before You Begin Making Modifications

Be absolutely certain where your "sweet spot" is located. Be fairly certain that the abutment tab is not hitting it. Have a good plan prior to making any modifications, as to what you need to change and how to execute it. Furthermore, before you change anything take some notes on how the Aneros is configured from the factory, Make some measurements; distance between the underside of the tab from the ribbed part of the body. How many ribs does the tab overhang (counting from the base) etc. This way if you get into trouble you'll have some reference points to come back to. Just remember that the Aneros has been "engineered" to perform in a certain way according to the relative proximities of your anatomy. Also be aware that underlying any modification is the risk that you may alter the functioning of the unit for the worse, so all factors must be carefully considered prior to attempting this. In particular examine and make note of the overhang of the tip of the tab in relationship to the body of the unit. Why? Because, you may need to return it to its original position if your adjustment does not work. It is important to start by making small modifications , remember small adjustments of a fraction of an inch may have larger significance in the performance of the massager. In general, it is advisable to think of all adjustments as occurring evenly over the length of the abutment tab and arm. Remember, the abutment tab and arm is not there just for grins, when properly engaged it functions as the fulcrum of a lever arm transferring force from ones anal and rectal contractions and anchoring the unit to a certain extent as well. This transfer of force is what accounts for the Aneros' unique ability to generate sensation in several locations simultaneously. It is critical that you not adjust the unit in such a way that its function is compromised. The best tool for this job is a heat gun. Heat guns look just like common hair dryers, but they are designed to provide a much more intense and focused source of heat.

P-Tab (abutment tab)

One of the most frequent complaints from new Aneros owners concerns the perineum abutment tab. While advancing usage does, to a certain extent, inure one to the discomforting pressure the P-tab can induce, even veteran Aneros owners have found the standard P-tab enough of a discomfort to devise various modifications to increase their comfort level.

  • The simplest method is to provide some kind of padding between the P-tab and skin. this may be with a small swatch of cloth, folded layers of toilet tissue, thin bubblewrap packing material, etc. many types of material will work well.
  • The next technique is to cover the tab it self with a soft material such as the rubber squeeze bulb from a medicine dropper or the finger tip cut from a glove.
  • The next type of modification involves increasing the surface area of the contact point of the P-tab, this has the effect of distributing the pressure applied by the P-tab over a wider area and thus decreasing the applied pressure per square inch. Most of these modifications employ adding some shaped piece of material and then using a hot glue gun to adhere it to the P-tab.
  • Additional methods may be found in the posts on the Forum.

You may be interested to read how some owners have modified their massagers by viewing the poll - "Aneros Modifications".

Integrating the Aneros into your life

Managing rampant P-waves

Awakening your prostate through prostate massage play may sometimes have unexpected side effects. One common effect some users experience early on in their practice is called butt buzz which may be a persistent awareness of the nervous energy potential of your newly awakened prostate. This awareness and intensity will gradually fade over time as you become more attuned and accustomed to your Aneros practice. This phenomenon is not harmful or indicative of any damage but is more a manifestation of your own consciousness. Methods of dealing with this are participation in vigorous physical activities or exercise, disciplined focus on physical or mental tasks, basically any activity which diverts your mind from ruminating on this new aware state of being.

In rare incidences Aneros use may trigger a phenomenon known as a Kundalini awakening. If this is the case then consulting with an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher for grounding techniques is advised.

Managing addiction

For some men, the Aneros can become addictive. Like any addiction, this can significantly impact your life. It can affect your work, your personal relationships, and alter your priorities. Unlike some addictions, an Aneros addiction probably will have no detrimental physical effects, (unless you brutalize yourself, you will probably become healthier in regards to your prostate and pelvic floor muscles). But there are still significant risks.

The problems stem from:

  • Aneros sessions can last a very long time, from an hour to hours, which can easily disrupt other life priorities.
  • MMO, once learned, can be performed anywhere any time, so can interfere with normal work and home responsibilities.
  • Men who are near but have not reached the ability to have orgasms can become obsessed with getting there.
  • It is common for men to conceal their Aneros use from their partner.

In total, these factors can lead to classic addictive behavior, including secrecy and deception, forgoing sleep and exercise, ignoring responsibilities and giving short shrift to your loved ones. You could become socially withdrawn and isolated for indulging in a misunderstood activity.

If these symptoms apply to you, please, please, please take action to get your life back in alignment. Immediate pleasure is not a substitute for happiness and long term well being.

Relationships and family

Adjusting to your newly discovered prostate awareness and orgasmic abilities can be life altering. This alteration may affect you on both a psychological and a physical level. It is important to remain balanced as you learn to integrate regular usage of these devices into your lifestyle. Strongly consider bringing your partner into your secret. That is probably the biggest step you can take for yourself and your family. Also consider setting up a schedule for your sessions to give yourself time with the Aneros while sensibly limiting it.

Remembering this type of activity is only a "part" of your life and not the focus of your life should make dealing with the pressures of potential addiction manageable. You might be interested in the poll "How many others know about your Aneros use?" to see how private Aneros usage is for the membership.

Partnered sex

Stimulation from a partner

Once a man has achieved adequate familiarity with the processes of achieving prostate based orgasms through solo practice, inviting his partner to provide further sensory stimulation can have a significant impact on increasing his pleasure and increasing the physical and emotional bonds between partners. BDSM play, oral sex, mutual masturbation, et al. all become available when a partner is involved. Discussions of these partnered events may be read in the threads of the Couples Corner forum.

Your Aneros massager can be used during almost all forms of foreplay and love making, including intercourse. If you are in a heterosexual relationship there are extra benefits not only for you but for your woman as well. If you are in a gay relationship the special understanding of one's own sex can provide a powerful link between partners for sharing and teaching each other about the use of the massager.

Shared multiple orgasm