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Welcome to, home of the Aneros Wiki.

In case you don't know, the Aneros is a hands-free prostate & perineum stimulator that helps men have intense pleasure and multiple orgasms, the "Peridise" is a hands-free anal stimulator that helps men and also women have intense pleasure and multiple orgasms.

About this Wiki

This wiki is written and maintained by Aneros users, not by Aneros employees.

Much of the information contained herein is anecdotal in nature having been obtained from the distillation of hundreds of posts by numerous users over the years. Advice and procedures suggested herein are not intended to be rules or absolutely definitive but are a consensus of generally accepted practices and knowledge which have been verified to be effective for many men. It is important to note these are not uniformly effective as the diversity of each man's life makes it impossible to establish a particular formula for orgasmic success utilizing Aneros prostate massagers. Each persons experience with these devices is unique in respect to their physical, emotional and spiritual approach and responses.

This wiki is intended to provide a very basic understanding and learning about the usage of Aneros devices, a primer of sorts. It is not purporting to be a final, authoritative source of information regarding prostate massage or orgasmic processes and teachings. Each user is encouraged to use this information as a starting point for their own experimentation, this wiki is more like a compass than a map, it is a tool to help you navigate your own path to any one of multiple destinations in your sensual environment.

Edit/Write access to the wiki is currently available by request only. For information on how to contribute to the wiki, contact B Mayfield.

Finding your way around

There are a few ways you can surf this wiki:

  • Use the wiki navigation in the sidebar to the left of all pages to find the main wiki pages. From there, follow links.
  • Use the search in the sidebar to find pages that interest you.
  • Use the What links here in the sidebar's toolbox to find pages that link to the page you are looking at.
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Got Questions? - A Guide to Getting Help

This WIKI is intended to provide Aneros users with general guidelines and information to help them get the most satisfaction from the use of their massagers. However, It can not address all the nuances of practice combinations. You may be able to resolve your issues without needing to ask the membership for Help. Have you followed the "Newbie's Checklist"? Have you checked the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" section? When posting to the General Discussion Forum the following guidelines will be helpful for the readership to effectively respond to you -

  1. State your particular question, problem or issue as clearly and specifically as possible. Example: "I'm having soreness around my anus after my sessions...what's causing this?"
  2. Provide a short narrative that fleshes out the details. Example: "Last night I had a 2 hour session that ended with a few P-waves but no Super O. Most of the time I used strong contractions (70%), maintaining them for several minutes each as I found that it was the only way to really feel the Aneros on my prostate. Immediately following the session I noticed some soreness which has persisted for a while now. I used plenty of lube.”
  3. State you goal for Aneros usage. Example: “I am trying to have a hands free ejaculation.”
  4. Provide us some background information.

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