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Super-O is an abbreviation of "super orgasm," a term coined by Aneros user Brian Mayfield for an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference. A Super-O is an overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasm that may involve: durations of minutes at a time; full-body orgasmic waves of pleasure; intense pleasure throughout the pelvic region, particularly the prostate, rectum and surrounding muscles; loss of a sense of reality; strong emotional responses; flashes of color (optical activity in the brain); large muscle contractions; a strong sense of ejaculation (with no emission); protracted involuntary vocalizations, roars or screams; pleasant convulsions; pronounced deep or staccato pelvic thrusting or writhing; a sense of soulful release and relief; a sense of self-redefinition; and, an energized feeling immediately following orgasm and being ready for more (as opposed to post-ejaculation lethargy).

On the Aneros forum, men have described their experiences like this: "pure bliss," "ongoing orgasmic bliss," "lost all sense of time," "floating," "out of body," "thought i was going to pass out," "could not take anything more," "laughing and sobbing at the same time."

Since the Super-O is non-ejaculatory, there is no resolution phase, the part of the male sexual response that begins the refractory period, our biological time-out during which arousal is not possible. Multiple orgasms are possible since one never falls from a certain level of arousal (effectively staying in the plateau phase between orgasms). The duration of the Super-O may be several seconds to minutes longer than a traditional orgasm (particularly when multiples are involved). Super-O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued. Generally the experience is one of a surging pleasure wave that leaves one in a blissful yet energized state. The Super-O is very personal and different for each individual.

What happens?

The physical sensations leading up to the Super-O can be quite varied. The may include:

  • a build-up starting with waves of anal quivering and the abutment tab creating a strong tingling sensation in the perineum, anus, prostate and rectum simultaneously.
  • A tickling excited sensation in your abdomen and finding yourself contracting your abdominal muscles.
  • A paradoxical sensation of your anus pushing outward while the Aneros seems to be drawn inward.
  • Engorgement of the penis, producing a very stiff erection, and swelling of the glans or head of the penis. Often this swelling may cause the glans to change hue and take on a shiny appearance with the corona becoming larger and more red in color.
  • Internal or external anal contractions.
  • Skeletal muscle contraction and rigidity.
  • Emissions (a flow or oozing) of "precum" (Cowper's fluid) before, during and after.

What happens next can only be described as blissful waves that may encompass the whole body,(an endorphin cascade). The duration of the orgasm is much longer than a traditional orgasm and you may even experience another orgasm coming on top of the first one. You may notice that after having this kind of experience you are sated yet energized at the same time! This stands in stark contrast to a traditional penile orgasm where you feel relaxed but somewhat lethargic. This is not to disparage penile orgasms; it's just that the Aneros is for most men a more intense and ultimately more fulfilling experience.

There is normally some sense of release following a Super-O, but it may not be of the same magnitude as it is following an ejaculation. Part of what accounts for the feeling of release is the precipitous drop-off of arousal at the onset of the resolution phase. With the Super-O, since we're staying at or near the plateau level of arousal the fall off is much shorter yielding a less pronounced sensation of release.

Some men can achieve the Super-O on the first use of the Aneros. For others, it will take patience, relaxation, and practice, months, sometimes even more than a year. This is what is called being "on the path" or "on the journey" to the Super-O. During this time the man will become more in tune with his body and the Aneros. There is no book or formula to achieving a Super-O. There are many moving variables in effect on the path to the Super-O. What is generally agreed upon is that much depends on the ability to relax while doing the anal contractions. This can be difficult because the path to the Super-O is so different from reaching a traditional penile orgasm. For a traditional penile orgasm, the man pushes and pushes toward the goal of ejaculation. Pushing harder (thrusting faster) can speed up the process. Relaxation often only occurs after ejaculation. To reach the Super-O, pushing harder actually can impede the process. A common obstacle for many men is attempting to force the Super-O to happen, this makes the Super-O even more elusive. For many men totally giving in to themselves and the sensations they are feeling, giving up the desire to control their sensations allows them to break through and "cross-over".

Check out the member poll - "How long before your first Super-O?" - to see some real statistics from the guys themselves and also check out the Forum Sticky "My First Super Orgasm..." for some members' descriptions of their Super-O experiences.

Lesser non-ejaculatory orgasms

There is ambiguity on the Aneros forum about what is and is not a Super-O. What one can say with certainty is that a Super-O is not an ejaculatory orgasm. Ejaculation, no matter how intense, is a traditional orgasm and once this occurs a refractory period is inevitable. Refractory period = No Super-O (see the subject of the Super-T further below).

There is a spectrum of intensity and effects in non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm. In the Aneros forum, a mild non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically for a beginner, or for a pro in a "quickie" setting (famously in an elevator), is sometimes called a mini-O. You feel the sense of suspension usually felt with an orgasm, but, it is very subtle.

A stronger orgasm short of a Super-O is sometimes called a dry-O.

Prostate Awakening

Some men, especially those with experience with prostate stimulation or anal play, are able to attain the Super Orgasm immediately with the Aneros. For others, the Super-O will take more time to reach and will require a learning or training period. During this time, through practice with his Aneros, a man and his body will discover that they are capable of producing and experiencing unique, pleasurable sensations in greater amounts than they ever had before. We call this training period the "Journey to the Super-O." This path of self-discovery can stand alone as a singular, extremely personal phase of a man's life. Each man's journey will be different from another's, and the result is a greater understanding of how the body and mind can work together to reach incredible heights of ecstasy.

A key milestone on the path is the "Awakening of the Prostate." When the prostate is "awoken" an Aneros user will become more aware of everything related to the prostate. It will become more in tune with the Aneros and the man's anal contractions. A user may experience some "buzzing" of the prostate as his body becomes aware of the changes within. Once the prostate is awakened through using the Aneros, many men find that by simply contracting and relaxing their PC muscles they can induce waves of pleasure without even having the Aneros in!

The Super-O is an expanded orgasm which may induce an altered state of consciousness not unlike mystical states reported in meditation, spiritual or even religious practices. Some users have reported changes to their psyche as a result of the profound physical and emotional experience of the Super-O. These states are very likely the result of brain chemistry being altered by various hormonal releases prior to, during and post orgasm. They are a natural side effect and are nothing to fear during your Aneros journey.

The Super-T

The Super-T is a super traditional orgasm. An ejaculatory orgasm from traditional penile stimulation (copulatory, manual or oral) but occurring with the Aneros inserted and characterized by: deep and intense ejaculatory contractions; more ejaculatory contractions; a greater volume of ejaculate; and other responses similar to those in a "Super-O". Such orgasms are common as the end point to a Super-O session when one “finishes off” with an ejaculation. Also a traditional orgasm brought on by edging and the Aneros. Right out of the box, the Aneros can be used during masturbation to greatly enhance a traditional penile orgasm. The result of massaging the prostate during masturbation and subsequently, ejaculation is a much stronger orgasm.